FallFling Rituals

Please consider leading a ritual of your own at FallFling! Go to Class/Ritual Volunteer Form to volunteer.

Past FallFling Rituals

FallFling 2010 (Saluting our Gods/esses, Family, and Ourselves by Mattie

FallFling 2009 (Sumble by Sig - nothing written down)

FallFling 2008 (by Dana)

FallFling 2007 (by Belladonna)

FallFling 2006 (Ancestors and Elders by Belladonna)

FallFling 2005 (Autumn Transition Ritual by Mike of Darkwood)

FallFling 2004 (Norse Blot by Mattie)

FallFling 2003 (One World Community by Mattie)

FallFling 2002 (Labyrinth of Goals by Krys, Linda, Skippy, & Cliff)

FallFling 2001 (Grief by Linda, Skippy, Cliff, Matt, Marsha, & Jen)

FallFling 2000 (Cernunnos by Mattie)

FallFling 1999 (Circle of Life, Circle of Death by Linda, Amy, Pelayah, Cliff, & skippy)

FallFling 1998 (Journey Through the Medicine Wheel by Linda)

FallFling 1997 (Journey Through the Totem Animals by Jay & Linda)

FallFling 1996 (Journey Through the Cultures by Debbie)

FallFling 1995 (Journey Through the Underworld by Linda)

FallFling 1994 (Journey With the Silver Bough by Linda)

NOTE: I *think* I have the correct rituals listed for 94 and 95. I could have sworn that 94's ritual was a journey through the 4 elements, but any paper or electronic copy I had is long since lost. Michelle sent me the version that is listed as FallFling 94, and it *is* different than 95, but still... So if anyone has anything different for either of these two years, please let me know!