FallFling 2002 Ritual

Dragon Hills
by Krys, Linda, Skippy, Cliff
Labyrinth of Goals

Materials Needed:

wax bag
water chalice
big plastic cauldron
light veil for entrance and exit
small birch twigs
owl wing (Krys, Lee will bring)
Raven mask (Jen has)
jug of water

clothes pins
black plastic


HPS: Krys/Linda
PS/PSS: (more than one)
Raven: Jen
Owl: Lee

FallFling 2002 Ritual

Dragon Hills, in the Quiet Area
by Krys, Linda, Skippy, Cliff
Labyrinth of Goals

Set up a labyrinth of visquene hung between the trees over across the field from the sweatlodge. Have a couple people in Second Circle to spin it, and light Freddy and torches when First Circle starts up.

Have the HPS and PS in the center of the first circle, with Raven guarding the entrance to the labyrinth. Have the tiki torches to the first circle lit, and the tiki torches to the second circle unlit. Freddy is in the second circle, unlit.

As each person enters the first circle, give them a birch twig.


Everyone gathers in First Circle. Circle is lit with tiki torches.

"We're entering a time of reflection, a quiet time while the Earth slumbers. The task I set for you before the universe, Lord & Lady, nature and all her beings is to determine what you want to achieve in the coming year, beyond just a state of being happy and closer to home than World Peace. What do you want to achieve, create, complete?"

"Within you these new goals will resonate your visions and energies for living. Goals reflect who you are, what you value and the directions in life in which you are willing to invest yourself."

"When you join me on the other side, remain focused on your goal, and (voice it on the wind/ let it fill the air) chant it softly to yourself. On your path you may encounter fear and uncertainty. I call to Raven and pray that she protect you on your journey."

"As the wheel turns, the year comes to its end. But you must learn that within every ending is a new beginning. Now is the time to reflect and prepare for that new beginning. Take your birch twig, and focus into it your desire for the coming year. Place into it all the emotion, energy, and will that you have for your goal. As I pick you, one by one, I will send you into the labyrinth. What lies within its twists and turns will only be known by those who walk it. What lies on the other side will only be known by those who dare to let go."

"As Raven, I will be with you through your journey of introspection, I offer you the courage to walk with your shadow self, through the darkness and into the light."

Raven goes around and picks people at random to send into the labrynth. Meanwhile, everyone else meditates on their goals.


Raven sends each person into the labyrinth, SLOWLY. As she does so, she says to each person:

"Focus on your goal, and walk your path with purpose."

Each person walks through the labyrinth, beginning with the HP and HPS. (Who, once they get to the other side, quickly light Freddy and the tiki torches)


As each person reaches the end of the labrynth, they cross through the veil and find Owl. Owl says to each person,

"I am the Messenger. Release your goal to me."

As they step out, they speak their goal to Owl. Owl can prompt them for the goal, or just sense it. Owl takes the twigs and delivers them to Freddy. As Owl drops twigs into Freddy, she quietly sends the goal to the universe.

While everyone is in Second Circle waiting for the rest to come out of the labrynth, they will chant their goals softly, but out loud, while focusing on the fire.

Raven follows last person through the labrynth. When we see her, we'll know everyone is through, and can start second part. Have her stand at exit to labrynth.

"As Owl I am the messenger between worlds and I have taken your goals and delivered them into the fire, to give them strength, to burn brighter within your heart."

"No matter how small or large a goal, each goal set and met declares one's personal power and strength."

"Why do you desire this goal? What is your motivation? How deep is your commitment to achieving this goal? The level of commitment .. your ability to achieve. Your desire guides your actions. Often we find in life, from the personal level to the global, that the goal or idea is positive, it is something that can be achieved and it is desired by many. However, why it is desired, the motivation for wanting it is often unclear, and with unclear motivation it is harder and harder to act in a way that will see our desire obtained."

"Look into your hearts, make contact with your subconscious. It is here that you must be clear in your desires. Together, let us charge the waters of our subconscious with the motivating desires for our goals."

Raven and/or Owl walk around the circle, and starting with the HPS and PS or whoever is in the middle, lead the people up one at a time to stick their hands in the cauldron and charge the waters, before they return to their spots in the circle.

"When you leave here remember you have made a promise, you have set out to achieve something in the coming turn of the year. Let your actions work for that promise and bring you closer to your prize. Be conscious in what you do."

"We have given our goals over to Water and Fire, and now, as the two join together, we release our desires to the Cosmos. May we see them grow in the year to come!"

Do Freddy. ("ooo"...."aaa")

ALL: "So Mote It Be!"