FallFling 1999 Ritual

Dragon Hills
by Linda, Amy, Pelayah, Cliff, and Skippy
Circle of Life, Circle of Death

Light Circle:
candles in bags outlining circle
5 votive candles on alter
cauldron of water
charcoal starter
2 scripts

HPS: Linda
HP: Cliff
Helper: Skippy

Dark Circle:
black candles
live branch and dead branch tied together, with veil tied to them
2 scripts

HPS: Pelayah
HP: William
Helper: Amy

FallFling 1999 Ritual

Dragon Hills, in the Quiet Area
by Linda, Amy, Pelayah, Cliff, and Skippy
Circle of Life, Circle of Death

People gather at entrance to Circle of Light. As they enter, each is given an unlit candle.

"The time of change is both imminent and pressing. All of the calendars of the world are confirming a time of great change is at hand. All of us, upon reflection, can recognize the vast transitions that are occurring even as we speak, both in our lives and in our world. The Phoenix is being reborn, and we must be prepared when it takes flight so that we are not left behind. It is stretching its wings and claws. The tension of our world is building. We must be prepared for the turbulent change that will occur, we must brace for the pain and newness of it all. We must break down our walls of disillusionment."

"Reflect on the year gone by and meditate on any loose ends that may need tying up. You will need to do this so that the energy of the old year does not interfere with the reception of change that is to come. Stay on top of these changes as they occur so as not to get overwhelmed, and loose track of your path. For the year is nothing more than a smaller cycle leading to the larger cycle which is your life."

"Take a moment and think about all the losses you've had this year, the changes that have come about because of these losses, and the changes that you'd like to take place. Focus your thoughts into the candle you hold."


"Some travel into the underworld, others blaze new trails and some are left behind. But, as we part, so do we meet, being joined on our journey by others. Look at yourselves. You are the living! But be not so disillusioned to think that you are the only creatures in existence. The dead are among us this night. But fear not, for they are not those who wish to harm, but those whom we have loved, and those who we now remember. As we light our candles, each of us remember those we hold dear, who have passed beyond the portal into the world of the dead. And as we think of them, they shall join us in our hearts and in spirit, in the circle of the dead. Think now of them and remember their voice, their scent, and the way they made you feel, and know they are with us. Let us join them!"

"The gates of life and death are opened; the dead walk, and to the living is revealed the mystery: that every ending is but a new beginning. We meet in time out of time, everywhere and nowhere, to greet the Lord of Death who is Lord of Life, and the Triple Goddess who is the circle of rebirth."

Cliff and helper go to portal and raise the branches with the veil.

Dark Circle HPS (Pelayah) goes to portal, and says:
"We cross the portal which has been known as The River Styx, Cerridwyn's Cauldron, The gate to the underworld, The realm of Death and Rebirth."

Light Circle HPS (Linda) leads people through the veil into the dark circle. William and helper will light their candles on the other side.

"You are now in my Realm. You have been here before and you will be here again. You and I, We are old friends."

"Although all about you is cold and dark, and the images you see may be frightening, it is merely illusion. You have passed through the portal to reach this place, but now you must push aside the veil over your own eyes."

"At this time is the veil between the worlds thin, and I welcome thee spirits who have gone before and thee others who pass between two worlds. This is the crone's time and with the Lord of the Shadows, she is the passage from life to life that all must take. They give a refreshing rest in the continuous turning of the spiral dance that goes and returns, yet ever moves on. With the Ancient Ones, I move with the dance unperturbed. Love gives strength; give to gain."

"This has been a year of trials; more so, it seems, than ever before. While we can only ponder upon the meaning for this, yet we can reach deep within ourselves and call upon our inner strength. Know you always that the Lord of Death and Lord of Life, and our Lady, the Triple Goddess, walk with you on your journeys."

"Now is the time to remember those who have passed before us. Their spirits walk among us tonight. If you are quiet, you may hear them. Silence!...... a moment."

"If strange things happen where she is, so that men say that graves open and the dead walk, or the unborn are shed-- Such portents are not to be wondered at, being tourbillions in time made by the strong pulling of her bladed mind, through that ever-reluctant element."

"Death is not final; nor is life. Those whom we have lost are not truly gone; they are merely awaiting their time to be born. Take a moment to remember them, and let there be joy, not sorrow, in your hearts."

Cliff and helper go to portal and raise the branches with the veil.

"Leaves are falling! Cold is growing! Winter is coming! My time, the time of the light Goddess, wanes. And as the circle turns again, I descend into the darkness for another half a year. But fear not, life never ends, and I shall return.

"Leaves are falling! Cold is growing! Winter is coming! My time is now! The time of the Dark God comes. And as the circle turns again, I rise into the world of the living for another half a year. But be not afraid, for without darkness there is no light. I am the life in the darkness. So follow me, my children, back into the world of light and life."

Williams leads people back through the portal.

"As you pass back into the Circle of Light, extinguish your candle in the Cauldron of Cerridwyn, the cauldron of endings and new beginnings. As you do so, release your habits and weaknesses that keep you from attaining your full potential. Keep the candle as a reminder of this transformation in the long nights to come."

After all have put out their candles and gathered around, helper holds up cauldron while HPS says:
"Into this cauldron of death and rebirth do I cast all negativity. By the death of these things will I live a better life. SO MOTE IT BE !!"

Dump cauldron into Freddie.