FallFling 2018 Work Days & Early Setup

Work Day #1, September 8, 2018

Work Day #2, September 15, 2018

Work Day #3, October 7, 2018 (Sunday)LAST WORK DAY

Join us for one or more of the Roxanna work days! See each event on Facebook for exact details, but usually we will mow everywhere, weedeat, rake, create more camping and parking spaces, cut down (yet more) dead trees, chop up downed trees and stack firewood, and make sure all the common and camping areas are clean and ready. Bring with you: chainsaws (plus oil and gas), push mowers (plus gas), weedeaters (plus gas) rakes, clippers, loppers, machetes, work gloves. Don't forget water and lunch! Attendees/helpers may camp the night prior and/or the night of for free (check event page for more info).

BONUS for FallFling attendees: Your help on any of the three work days allows you to set up your camp early (or rope off your camp spot) on the last work day before FallFling, free of charge! (Non-helpers may set up/rope off early, but only after helpers have set up, and will be charged $35 per camp area, payable by or on the last work day.)

FallFling Early-Set Up Rules:

Helpers: If you are able to help out at any of the work days (Sept 8, Sept 15, and Oct 7), you can set up your camp early on the last work day for FallFling, free of charge, and you get first dibs on spots.

Non-Helpers: If you have not been able to help at a work day, you may still set up on the last work day, but only after helpers have set up, and will be charged $35 per camp area/group, payable by or on the last work day.

"Help" is defined as having spent AT LEAST two hours working at requested site-wide tasks, including raking, mowing, picking up trash, doing repairs, chopping trees, etc. It does NOT include cleaning up your own personal camp space that will only benefit you.

Early Camping Fee: If you’d like to camp at Roxanna between the last work day and the first day of FallFling, the charge is $10/person/night, in addition to any early set-up fee.

Setting Up/Roping Off Camp Areas:

  • All camp areas must be approved by Linda before setting up/roping off!
  • When setting up your camp, you should try to keep your use of space as efficient as possible. Unless you have literally carved a spot out of the woods or will have 10 other tents, don’t expect to be camping in your area alone. Share the space!
  • To mark off your camp without setting up a tent, you must bring your own ribbon or rope, and if possible a sign so you can let folks know who is camping there. MAKE IT OBVIOUS!! To be extra sure that your spot is marked off correctly, show it to Linda for approval.