FallFling 2016 Schedule

(UPDATED 10-2-16)

Do you want to volunteer to teach a class or lead a ritual? (Leading a class or ritual counts as part of your community service to the festival, and does not grant you free admission - sorry!). Please see Class or Ritual Volunteer Form to volunteer.



(Thurs, 6:00 pm)
Madeline's Trading Blanket - MCd by Wizzard Rodney Hall
Bring items you no longer need or use and join us on the Trading Blanket! Anything legal may be traded - books, ritual items, jewelry, clothing...you name it, someone might want to trade for it! Do you do tarot readings or massages? Are you willing to help someone pack up their campsite? Your services can be traded! 2 hours.

(Thurs, 8:00 pm)
From Across the Veil - by Amberly NicDanann
Come join us and share your experiences with ghosts, the supernatural, or anything else that has sent shivers down your spine. Even if you don't have a true story to tell, scary stories are welcome! Bring on the chills and thrills. Come scare us!


(Fri, 1:00 pm) - OPEN

(Fri, 3:00 pm)
Creating Mandalas for Spellcraft and Meditation - by Rindy Tietjen
"As above, so below." Microcosm, macrocosm. From tiny strands of DNA to the movement of the plants, the entire known universe is composed of patterns. Mandalas were originally patterns designed by practitioners of Buddhism to aid in their meditations. Personal mandalas can be created and used for many purposes. This class will include discussion and hands on practice in using tarot cards, runes, crystals, and herbs to create your own personal mandalas. 1.5 hours, at Rindy's booth.

(Fri, 4:00 pm)
Show and Tell - by Wizzard Rodney Hall
Come "show" yourself and "tell" us about your path, experiences, and any other bits of personal information you might want to share with the community. This will be an informal discussion, with attendees surrounding the moderator in a circle. So, come, meet, and learn about your fellow pagans. Who knows, you might even make a friend or two if you're not careful! 2 hours.

(Fri, 6:00 pm)
LIVE MUSIC - by Eileen
An eclectic selection of witchy or pagan-esqe rock covers from the 70s through today, on solo electric ukulele.

(Fri, 7:00 pm)
LIVE MUSIC - by A Nebulous Singularity
Persian drumming & acoustic guitar, singing, dancing, drinking, & making love to the universe, with Cathair!

(Fri, 8:00 pm) OPENING RITUAL - by Trillium

(Fri, 9:00 pm)
Adult/Kid Trick-or-Treat
Join us as we walk (stagger) from camp to camp with our cups, receiving libations and yummy treats! All are welcome to participate, including kids (must be 21+ to receive adult beverages - bring your ID!). Costumes are encouraged! Camps: Decorate your camp, have some sort of light or something to denote that you are "open for business," and have things to offer both adults and children, such as chocolates, candy, snacks, lemonade for minors, wine, margaritas, etc. Trick-or-Treaters: Bring your own cup (and ID) and a bag for goodies, and bring a flashlight and/or wear something lighted so you can find your way and others can see you (it's dark out there!). What if you want to do BOTH - offer treats and walk around? Simple! Take turns with camp-mates, or just walk around with the group until you get to your camp, then offer your own goodies to the trick-or-treaters. 1 hour. Meet at the main fire at the top of the hill.

(Fri, 10:00 pm) DRUM CIRCLE


(Sat, 10:00 am)
Beginner's Yoga for Old Fat Folks - by Capt'n Craig
Are you old? Are you fat? Think you can't do yoga? Hah! Don't be afraid - learn from an expert. :) 1 hour, on one of the rocks.

(Sat, 11:00 am)
Writing/Planning an Energy-Working Ritual - by Ivee
So you want to perform a personal ritual. On your notebook you have "Call the Corners"... Now what? In this session we will discuss wards, intent, technique, creating, and a heap of other aspects that will help you focus the energy and intent into a great ritual. Some of the main issues we will discuss are tools, verbiage, comfort level, location, moon aspects, expectations and outcomes. We will also discuss how to maintain free will and harm to none. Bring your ideas, questions, and open mind. 1.5 hours.

(Sat, 12:00 pm)
Sweatlodge Preparation & Building - by skippy
If you intend to participate in the sweatlodge tonight, attendance at this class is MANDATORY. While the sweatlodge structure will already be in place, we will take this time to put blankets over the lodge, prepare the fire, etc. We will also go over what is expected and how best to prepare. Meet at fire pit.

(Sat, 12:00 pm)
Paints & Drinks - by Seraphyne
Feeling creative? Want to smear some paint on a canvas and drink while you're doing it? Then this class is right for you! Bring whatever beverage you want and any supplies you want to. I'm providing paint, paint brushes, and cardboard for canvases. Let's have some creative fun! Limited to 30 participants. 1 hour, under the pavilion/tent.

(Sat, 1:00 pm)
Roxanna Meeting - by Carol If you are willing and able to contribute money each month to help save Roxanna from foreclosure and a possible future as a housing development or rock quarry, please attend this meeting!

(Sat, 1:30 pm)
Kitchen Herbalism 101 - by Rindy Tietjen
This will be a brief introduction to the ritual and healing uses of some common herbs found in every kitchen. WE will also be meeting a few less common herbal allies that you might want to add to your cabinets. There will be a demonstration and tasting followed by an open discussion block. 1.5 hours, at Rindy's booth.

(Sat, 3:00 pm)
Reading Round Robin - by Beth W.
Want to get more practice working with divination mediums? We'll be building on the principles learned at Pagan Pride Day for dowsing and tarot, as well as a mystery topic! This two hour class will begin with a quick refresher on the methods of practice and group meditation. We will break into smaller groups and practice reading together, with 30 minutes at each station. Be sure to bring your pendulums and tarot cards, although they will be provided for those who don't have any. This is an active workshop, so come ready to embrace the magick within! 2 hours.

(Sat, 5:00 pm) Start cooking (at your campsite) for potluck!

(Sat, 6:00 pm) POTLUCK
If your last name starts with: A-D, bring meat dishes; E-M, bring appetizers, salads, cheeses, or breads; N-T, bring veggie dishes; or U-Z, bring desserts. BRING SERVING UTENSILS!

(Sat, 7:30 pm) MAIN RITUAL - ???

(Sat, 8:30 pm)
Annual FallFling Costume Ball: "The Totally Twisted Time Warp"
Come party with us in worm hole dimension stuck in between different time zones. Come dressed as characters from your favorite time period of all Time, this can be anywhere at any time from the creation of life on earth to what you imagine the far distant future will be like. Also people who don't have a costume planned are already wearing a modern time period costume or can be naked as primitive humans, so there's no excuse not to come. You can also wear your Halloween or trick-or-treat costume. There is a costume contest for all who want to compete with awesomazing prizes for different categories. So join us and boogie down as we literally do the Time Warp again, for the first time. Will have themed snacks and drinks!

(Sat, 9:00 pm)
Sweatlodge - by skippy
Attendance is VERY limited, and spots must be reserved in advance. Participants must absolutely be sober upon entrance. Also, you MUST attend the preparation class at noon in order to participate.

(Sat, 10:30 pm) DRUM CIRCLE


(Sun, 9:00 am) GIVE-AWAY
The Give Away will act as our closing ceremony. Please bring something that is special to you, or has brought something good to you, that you are now ready to pass on to someone else. This gift doesn't have to be something physical; it can be an offer of help or service. Once something is given away, all strings to that gift are broken; the gift is given with no expectations. Each person will take a turn to talk about their item and its meaning, then place it on the blanket. Once all items are laid down, if you see something that speaks to you, and no one else wants it, you may take it. 30 minutes.