Moondance 2018 Deadlines

Registration Price Tiers: Tier 1: Up till March 16 ($25)
Tier 2: March 17-May 11 ($35)
Tier 3: May 12-gate ($50)

Vending Signup Deadline: May 11, 2018
All vendors must Register and pay all admission and vending fees (you can pay on-line when you register) and submit your Vendor Information Form by the deadline in order to vend at Moondance.

Classes/Ritual Signup Deadline: May 11, 2018
All class/workshop teachers must Register and pay in advance and submit your Class/Ritual Volunteer Form by the deadline. This is so I can a) be assured you will show up, b) get the final schedule organized, and c) get the info in the Schedule Booklet before it goes to print.

Last Registration Deadline: May 23, 2018
Please register by the deadline so I have time to send you the Confirmation Flyer and add you to the gate list. If you plan to pay at the gate, you MUST email me your registration info (full name, address, phone, email, medical problems, kids attending, etc.) ahead of time, so I can place you on the gate list.

Refund Deadlines: May 11, 2018 (full); May 23, 2018 (half)
To request a refund for Moondance, please call or email (they won't be issued automatically). Refunds will be given in full until May 11, at a 50% rate until the Tuesday night before the festival; no refunds (or switching your admission to a later festival) if I'm notified after that time or if you just don't show up. If you decide to send someone else in your place, please let me know beforehand, so I can add them to the gate list and remove your name.

Musician Application Deadline: May 11, 2018
This is the absolute deadline for applying to play music and for registering every person who will be performing or helping. If applications and registrations are received after this date, your band will not be added to the schedule, and no one will be admitted for free or half-price.