Moondance 2017

Moondance 2017 Schedule

(UPDATED 5-19-17)

Do you want to volunteer to teach a class or lead a ritual? (Leading a class or ritual counts as part of your community service to the festival, and does not grant you free admission - sorry!). Please see Class or Ritual Volunteer Form to volunteer.



(Thur, 12:00 pm) - SITE OPENS

(Thurs, 6:00 pm) - Trading Blanket - MCd by Trillium
On the trading blanket, a person puts down what they wish to trade. Others in the circle place what they are willing to trade for that item, which can include more than one item. The trader the has three choices: she can signal acceptance of a trade by handing her item to the person whose trade she wishes to accept and picking up the traded item; she can instead "sweeten the pot" to ask that more or different items be offered; or if she sees nothing she likes she can say "no trade" and pick up her item. Sometimes items get traded multiple times. Things that can be traded: books, jewelry, lotions, candles, clothes, oils, drinking horns, glass bottles, ritual items, Native American items. Service can also be traded - stepping on the cloth means you will give two hours work, including services such as camp clean-up, readings, massage, and help packing and loading. 2 hours.

(Thur, 9:00 pm) - Drum Circle


(Fri, 11:00 am) - Glade Plants Walk - by Jan Newton
Jan will share her knowledge of our native flora during a walk to observe and identify plants growing on the granite glades (the large open expanses of bedrock). Please wear comfortable shoes (there is glass on the rocks!) and bring water to drink. Limited to 15 participants. Meet at the fire circle at the top of the hill. 2 hours.

(Fri, 12:00 pm) -

(Fri, 1:00 pm) - OPEN

(Fri, 2:00 pm) - OPEN

(Fri, 3:00 pm) - OPEN

(Fri, 4:00 pm) - Show and Tell - by Kayli Wizzard
Come "show" yourself and "tell" us about your path, experiences, and any other bits of personal information you might want to share with the community. This will be an informal discussion, with attendees surrounding the moderator in a circle. So, come, meet, and learn about your fellow pagans. Who knows, you might even make a friend or two if you're not careful! 2 hours, at the fire pit.

(Fri, 6:00 pm) - BREAK FOR DINNER (on your own)

(Fri, 7:00 pm) - Opening Ritual: A Tribute to the World - by Nicole "FxRex
In the presence of Nature's Elements, all are invited to unify under a blessing from the Mother as we greet the Sun's return. Together, we will reflect on the Hopes and Dreams we seek both personally and planet wide. Through our Charged Focus, we will prepare a token in which we will offer to Roxanna as tribute to have our Hopes heard by the Mother and her Lover.

(Fri, 8:00 pm)

(Fri, 9:00 pm) - Drum Circle


(Sat, 10:30 am) - Introduction to the Cube of Space - Mama Gina
One popular theory suggests that it takes about 10,000 hours of study and application to master a subject. If that is true, then we are masters of our own creations. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we define, direct, build and destroy our own creations our own lives every moment of every day. What are we creating and how are we doing it? Are we mindful and aware? Are we bumbling along and doing what we have always done? Through study of a creation story, such as the Sepher Yetzirah, and the construct born of that story The Cube of Space we can apply the principals learned in a very direct, mindful and practical way to our own creations and to our own lives. Please bring a notebook, pen, and a comfy chair or cushion, and join Mama Gina as she describes her own journey and study of the Cube of Space, and shares practical application of some of the primary concepts of the Cube to conscious creation. 1.5 hours.

(Sat, 12:00 pm) - Preserving Your Pagan History - by Cliff & Jeremy
Do you want to leave a lasting legacy of your spiritual practice for your family, friends, students and the Pagan community at large? Or do you just want to find that damn ritual that you wrote back in '99 for Beltane?!?...I know I put it here somewhere...In this session you'll learn the basics of information organization, preservation (photos, videos, documents), how to record an oral history, and how to ensure that all this stuff is usable and accessible for years to come.

(Sat, 1:00 pm) - "A Taste for Wine and Murder": a Murder Mystery appetizer luncheon - by Kayli Wizzard, Eileen, Ian, Kayla, Nicole, Kat, Brandon, & Julie
The annual wine-tasting festival in California wine country is in full swing when the body of local vineyard owner, Barry Underwood, is found hidden beneath his wine cellar. Barry has been missing for six long years but with the discovery of his body comes a wealth of new clues to solve the mystery. There will be a prize for the person who figures out the killer and whose name is drawn, so join us for wine, appetizers, & intrigue! You may bring wine or appetizers to add; and don't forget your sense of whimsy & deductive reasoning. 2 hours.

(Sat, 3:00 pm) - Ye Ol' Pagan Sing-Along - by Trillium
Come join us for a Pagan sing-along. Singing is a great way to raise energy, change your mood, or just connect with your deities and community. No special skills are required, just a willingness to join in. I will have song sheets with some pagan favourites that we can learn and sing, but please feel free to bring your favourite pagan song to share as well. Depending on how confident we're feeling, we may even attempt some rounds and/or two-part harmonies. 1.5 hours.

(Sat, 4:30 pm) - The Wiccan Elements - by Arawn
The elements & their role in effective spell casting, from a Wiccan perspective. 1 hour.

(Sat, 5:30 pm) - COOK FOR POTLUCK

(Sat, 6:30 pm) - Pot Luck

(Sat, 7:30 pm) - LIVE MUSIC by Mama Gina

(Sat, 8:30 pm) - RAFFLE DRAWING
This raffle is a fundraiser for Church of the Spiral Tree, which this year is celebrating 20 years as Alabama's only legally incorporated, tax-exempt, Pagan church. We'll be raffling off several very nice items (including a CD by Mama Gina) and some Roxanna-related items (such as special rocks from Roxanna, and an item that you can personalize and place on Roxanna). Tickets are $5 each, or 5 for $20.

(Sat, 9:00 pm) -

(Sat, 11:00 pm) - Drum Circle


(Sun, 10:00 am) - Beginner's Yoga for Old Fat Folks - by Capt'n Craig
Are you old? Are you fat? Think you can't do yoga? Hah! Don't be afraid - learn from an expert. :) 1 hour.

(Sun, 11:00 am) - Native Wildflower and Fern Walk - by Jan Newton
Jan Newton will share her knowledge of our native flora during a walk to observe and identify wildflowers and ferns. Please wear comfortable shoes and bring water to drink. Limited to 15 participants. Meet at the fire circle at the top of the hill. 2 hours.

(Sun, 12:00 pm) - LIVE MUSIC by Ehren Lightsworn - Spoken word and instrumental acoustic guitar.

(Sun, 1:00 pm) - The First Ever Church of the Spiral Tree Planning Committee Meeting - by Kat H.
Our Church of the Spiral Tree Sabbat gatherings have been very successful over the past several months. We've maintained consistent record attendance, given to a variety of charities, and shared our traditions with attendees old and new. However, in order to run these events, we have depended on the help of many of those in our community. We would like to add some formality to organizing our events. If you want to actively participate in planning our future gatherings, please join us at this time to volunteer for our new committee. Together, we can make CST bigger and badder than ever!

(Sun, 2:00 pm) - Gender, Sexual, and Romantic Minorities: Academic and Energetic Perspectives - by Erin Walker
Learn about how gender identity, sexual orientation, and many other categories which define an individual as a gender, sexual, or romantic minority operate. This class will have discussions and examples of how energy flows through the body and how this differs from person to person. It will also have a discussion which links the energetic perspective with the academic. 1.5 hours.

(Sun, 3:30 pm) - MAIN RITUAL: Seeds and Barriers - by Amy
Setting goals is a great way to focus your energies into what you want to happen in your life. Be it a job, relationships, or goals for the world, we all have things we want to achieve. This will be your "seed" that you want to plant. We also run into barriers/walls when we try to push towards our goals. These can be moved if we put enough energy into it! Bring me your seeds and your barriers to our Moondance Main Ritual! We will open up our hearts to the Lord and Lady and let them help us get to where we want to be! 1.5 hrs.

(Sun, 5:00 pm) - Giveaway
The Giveaway will act as our closing ceremony. Please bring something that is special to you, or has brought something good to you, that you are now ready to pass on to someone else. This gift doesn't have to be something physical; it can be an offer of help or service. Once something is given away, all strings to that gift are broken; the gift is given with no expectations. Each person will take a turn to talk about their item and its meaning, then place it on the blanket. Once all items are laid down, if you see something that speaks to you, and no one else wants it, you may take it. 1 hour.


(Mon, 12:00 pm) - Festival ends

(Mon, 3:00 pm) - All people must be off-site by 3:00 pm