Moondance 2016

Moondance 2016 Schedule

(UPDATED 5-26-16)

Do you want to volunteer to teach a class or lead a ritual? (Leading a class or ritual counts as part of your community service to the festival, and does not grant you free admission - sorry!). Please see Class or Ritual Volunteer Form to volunteer.



(Thur, 12:00 pm) - SITE OPENS

(Thurs, 6:00 pm) - Trading Blanket - MCd by Madeline Wells-Smith
On the trading blanket, a person puts down what they wish to trade. Others in the circle place what they are willing to trade for that item, which can include more than one item. The trader the has three choices: she can signal acceptance of a trade by handing her item to the person whose trade she wishes to accept and picking up the traded item; she can instead "sweeten the pot" to ask that more or different items be offered; or if she sees nothing she likes she can say "no trade" and pick up her item. Sometimes items get traded multiple times. Things that can be traded: books, jewelry, lotions, candles, clothes, oils, drinking horns, glass bottles, ritual items, Native American items. Service can also be traded - stepping on the cloth means you will give two hours work, including services such as camp clean-up, readings, massage, and help packing and loading. 1 hour.

(Thur, 9:00 pm) - Drum Circle


(Fri, 12:00 pm) -

(Fri, 1:00 pm) -

(Fri, 2:00 pm) -

(Fri, 3:00 pm) - .

(Fri, 4:00 pm) - Show and Tell - by Wizzard Rodney Hall
Come "show" yourself and "tell" us about your path, experiences, and any other bits of personal information you might want to share with the community. This will be an informal discussion, with attendees surrounding the moderator in a circle. So, come, meet, and learn about your fellow pagans. Who knows, you might even make a friend or two if you're not careful! 2 hours, at the fire pit.

(Fri, 6:00 pm) - BREAK FOR DINNER (on your own)

(Fri, 7:00 pm) - Opening Ritual: Elements of Harmony 6.0 - by Saleena, F.S. Rex, Eileen, Madeline, AppleKat, Lara, & Wizzard Kayli P.P.
Join us at opening ritual as we step in to the geometric symbol of friendship and the Mane Six bless us with the Elements of Harmony: Loyalty, Laughter, Generosity, Honesty, Kindness, & Magic, to bring us together in camaraderie. 1 hour, Monument Rock.

(Fri, 8:00 pm) - LIVE MUSIC: A Nebulous Singularity
Persian drumming & acoustic guitar, singing, dancing, drinking, & making love to the universe, with Cathair! 1 hour.

(Fri, 9:00 pm) - Drum Circle


(Sat, 11:00 am) - Gender, Sexuality and Roles in Modern Pagan Beliefs - by La Mariposa Bruja
In a religion where we honor the God and the Goddess, where do modern gender roles fit into our Pagan beliefs? How can we be more inclusive to those who don't check one box for gender, but live in the spectrum? This discussion is to help define gender, sex and explore how they relate to the pagan community. 1 hour.

(Sat, 1:00 pm) - LUNCH (on your own)

(Sat, 1:00 pm) - Passive Listening/Alternative Meditation Techniques - by skippy
This will be a discussion and practice of alternative meditation techniques, such as what I call "passive listening" (letting the sound of the environment wash over you and find the peace within the noise), movement/dance meditation, etc. Come share your own unique experiences with meditations. 1 hour.

(Sat, 2:00 pm) -Faerie Faith, Tree Calendar, Huna, OR Bach Flowers - by Linda
Cliff & Jeremy can't make it, so Linda is filling in. The class will be about Faerie Faith, the Celtic Lunar Tree Calendar, Bach Flowers, and/or Huna. Or all of the above. Your pick. :).

(Sat, 3:00 pm) - Music In Ritual - by Amanda Haecker
The various ways music can be used in ritual, and how to incorporate it. We'd love to hear your examples as well! Please bring portable instruments if you have them. 1 hour.

(Sat, 4:00 pm) - The Four Lenses and Four Elements - by Fx-Rex & Kat H.
What is the color of your lens? Come find out! Join us as we explore the system of the Four Lenses: A color-based personality assessment that will help you learn more about yourself and others! Here we will also discuss how the Four Lenses compares to the Four Elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. We will have a group discussion after our fun, fulfilling exercises where we can converse over our discoveries. We hope you'll walk away seeing life through a more colorful lens. Come pull up a chair and bring your sassy self, an open mind, plenty of laughs, and a drum! 1 hour.

(Sat, 5:00 pm) - COOK FOR POTLUCK

(Sat, 6:30 pm) - Pot Luck

(Sat, 7:30 pm) - LIVE MUSIC: Phoenix Rising
Celtic traditionals, feel-good fan favorites, Pagan folk, and the occasional humorous piece. 1 hour.

(Sat, 9:00 pm) - Annual Moondance Party: "Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving" - Hosted by Wizzard Rodney Hall
This year's theme is Animals. This can be an animal you relate to or feel like or one of your spirit animals; mythological & cryptozoological animals are also valid. There is a costume contest with cool prizes but remember, you don't have to wear a costume to attend! 2 hours, in the Pavilion.

(Sat, 11:00 pm) - Drum Circle


(Sun, 10:00 am) - Beginner's Yoga for Old Fat Folks - by Capt'n Craig
Are you old? Are you fat? Think you can't do yoga? Hah! Don't be afraid - learn from an expert. :) 1 hour.

(Sun, 11:00 am) - Appropriation vs. Celebration- by La Mariposa Bruja
When is it okay to use something that's not yours? Paganism doesn't fit under just one umbrella, and neither do our gods, rituals and practices. When is it ok to use other cultures in your practices and what is the proper way to do so? 1 hour.

(Sun, 12:00 pm) - Mimosa Sunday - by Scott
Bring a bottle of champagne (or other sparkling wine) to help keep it flowing. Must be 21 or older to partake!

(Sun, 12:00 pm) - LIVE MUSIC: Balcony View
Ambient electronic chill music. 1 hour.

(Sun, 1:00 pm) - Skol! A (Fairly) Simple Heathen Blot - by Andi Jakobsdotter
Join us in lifting a horn to the gods, to heroes and other dead people, and to the Landvaettir. We will have ale (juice if you can't drink) to share with 10 others who are invited to toast specific goddesses/gods in the Norse pantheon, honored dead folks or ancestors, and the spirits of the land. Bring your own cup or horn so we can share blessed ale, not pathogens. It's cool if you haven't done this before. We will provide helpful guidelines printed in large type for eyes of all ages. If you have fun, we'll do it again informally around a campfire with more ale and comradery. Limited to 10 to drink & toast, but everyone is welcome to attend. 1 hour.

(Sun, 2:00 pm) - Wildcrafting 101 - by Trillium
Have you ever wondered about the plants that grow around us? What are they? What have they been used for? Which ones are friendly and which merit caution? Come take a walk through the woods with us and learn a little about the plants that grow wild in our area. We will meet at the top of the hill and proceed to venture forth to see what we can find on the property. Out of respect to the land, the plants we find will not be collected, but feel free to bring a camera if you would like to keep a record for yourself. You also may want water, a walking stick, and/or sturdy shoes. 1.5 hours.

(Sun, 3:30 pm) - Droning & Toning - by Lindsey Shante
A guided meditation & chakra cleanse/alignment. Learn about the power of the human voice and the ability to heal yourself with frequency & sound. We will journey through the solfeggio scale and will be tuned to 432hz, the frequency of the universe. We will also be coordinating essential oils with each chakra to further stimulate & awaken each energy center in our bodies. If you want to bring your own oils we will be using rosemary, sandalwood, cedarwood, bergamot, peppermint, geranium & frankincense. Bring a yoga mat, water & your beautiful, unique voice. 30 minutes.

(Sun, 4:00 pm) - MAIN RITUAL -by Ashley & skippy

(Sun, 5:00 pm) - Giveaway
The Giveaway will act as our closing ceremony. Please bring something that is special to you, or has brought something good to you, that you are now ready to pass on to someone else. This gift doesn't have to be something physical; it can be an offer of help or service. Once something is given away, all strings to that gift are broken; the gift is given with no expectations. Each person will take a turn to talk about their item and its meaning, then place it on the blanket. Once all items are laid down, if you see something that speaks to you, and no one else wants it, you may take it. 1 hour.


(Mon, 12:00 pm) - Festival ends

(Mon, 3:00 pm) - All people must be off-site by 3:00 pm