Moondance 2018

Moondance 2018 News

(Updated 5-21-18)

Number Registered:

127 registered so far (109 pre-paid, 18 pay-at-gate)!

DOGS: 9 dogs (out of the limit of 12) registered so far (service dogs do not count)

1. Bradley (blue heeler) (Linda)
2. Dee OR Floki (pit/lab mix) (Rowan)
3. Foo (Kayli & Eileen)
4. Sheba (Kayli & Eileen)
5. Bear (lab mix) (Sally & Eddie)
6. Clementine (blue tick hound) (Russell)
7. Disco (miniature Dachsund) (Genelle)
8. Sweetpea (miniature Dachsund) (Genelle)
9. Rosie (black-and-tan hound) (Craig)

Other critters not counted in total above:

10-week old puppies, will remain crated: Tippy-Toes and Scooby Dumb Dumb

Service Dogs:

Annabelle (great dane giant breed) (Michelle Walker)

Updates & Current Buzz:

Ice will be for sale again at Moondance! 10 lb bags for $3.00 each.

Introducing the Liquor for Litter (LfL) Campaign for Moondance! (Must be 21+!) Want free booze? Pick up some trash! See Krys or Linda or any of the other (as yet unspecified) LfL people at any time during the weekend to get a small bag (or supply your own bag - even better!!). Go pick up a small sandwich-bag sized amount of trash off the rocks - glass, shotgun shells, etc. Take said trash to an LfL person. Get a shot of something yummy (PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN CUP!). Designated LfL people will vary during the weekend, so use your sleuthing skills to find us! Depending on who you find and what we've decided to toss together (and what our current state of give-a-fuck is), you could get a simple shot of whiskey or a fancier premixed type thing or possibly a fancy Jell-O shot. ALCOHOL DONATIONS NEEDED!

Want to keep up with the chatter on Facebook? You have two options:

Moondance-FallFling Festivals group
Moondance 2018 event page

Current List of Registered Vendors:

1. Oldways Jewelry (Loronda Hightower)
2. Dru Ann Welch
3. Curiouz Spirit (Holly Brown)
4. Beyond Imagination - Karen Stone
5. The Allergy Friendly Vegetarian - Jessica McMorris
6. KJ's Essence (Kera Bishop)

For the full list and descriptions of registered vendors, see Moondance Vendor List.

Live Music at Moondance:

A Nebuluous Singularity

For Current List of Classes, see Schedule