Moondance Music Info & Performance Application Form

Roxanna has limited electricity and no stage or any other shelters. Musicians are welcome, but please be aware of our limitations. You may plug in a small amount of equipment; play unplugged; or bring a generator (must be fairly quiet and non-stinky). We have no music or stage equipment to loan out (that was the provence of the late Lord Senthor). Music times include Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday evening.

We love having live bands perform at Moondance, especially new and upcoming bands who need more exposure to new audiences. Music times include Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening, and Sunday afternoon.

Info for Bands and Performers Who Want to Play at Moondance

Compensation for Bands/Performers Who Are Accepted:
1) Free admission for all performing band members
2) Half-price admission (half of whatever the current admission fee is at the time that you pay) for spouses, kids, and helpers - up to a maximum of 5 people.

*DEADLINE*: See deadlines for the absolute deadline for applying to play music and for registering every person who will be performing or helping. If applications and registrations are received after this date, your band will not be added to the schedule, and no one will be admitted for free or half-price.

Moondance operates on a very low budget, which means that I'm not able to pay bands; instead I give all band members free admission, and half-price admission to spouses, kids, and helpers. Unfortunately I just don't have a budget big enough to pay every single band and performer, as much as I'd love to! So if you're an up-an-coming band who wants exposure, or you just want to provide your music to the community for free, we'd love to have you!

If you (or your band) have never played at Moondance or FallFling before, you will first need to submit an application (below). IF ACCEPTED (playing times are limited, so we can't have too many bands), these bands/performers will be compensated with free admission for all band members, plus half-price admission for spouses, kids, and helpers.


Moondance Performer Application Form

Contact Info:

Contact Person:
Contact Address:
Contact Phone:
Contact E-mail:
Performer/Band Website:

Genre: Please provide a short description of your performance/group and style.

Performance Times: Indicate availability; check as many as apply (times may change slightly):

Friday evening 6-8 pm
Saturday afternoon 2-3 pm
Saturday evening 6:30-9 pm
Sunday afternoon 2-3 pm

Size: Total # of performers:____________

List legal names of all attending performers below (these are the ones who get free admission). Please also submit a Registration Form for each person!

List legal names of all attending helpers, spouses, and kids (with ages) below (these are the ones who get half-price admission), up to a maximum of 5 people. Please also submit a Registration Form for each person!

Any Additional Info: Please provide any other additional info below:

NOTE: Submission of this form does NOT guarantee acceptance of your act! Please return this form with a sample of your current work by the deadline to me (see address on left sidebar).