FallFling 2018 Vendor List

FallFling 2018 Vendor List

(Updated 10-3-18)

Current List of Registered Vendors:

1. BubbaTanicals - Brian T.
2. Faery Readings - Amanda Perry
3. Coosa Native - Shannon C.
4. Calm Spirit Wellness - Tessa G.
5. Mini-Vend Venue - Ivee W.
6. Whispering Gardens - Dana C.
7. KJ's Essence - Kera
8. Problem Child Studio - Shelby Diamond

Also of note:

  • Ice will be available for sale on-site for $3/bag!


BubbaTanicals - Handmade all natural soaps, jams, jellies, raw honey, incense, and other homestead products. All items handmade; all scents comprised of essential oils; all pigments are plant or mineral-based; all ingredients sustainably sourced. BubbaTanicals, LLC, P.O. Box 372, Brooks, GA 30205; www.BubbaTanicals.com, fb.com/bubbatanicals. Email: brian@bubbatanicals.com. (678) 532-8268.
Details: 10w x 10d, no electricity, arriving Friday afternoon/evening.

Amanda Perry - Intuitive faery reader. (205) 745-6389; Ap.perry@hotmail.com.
Details: Booth size ?, no electricity, setting up a small tent/tarp big enough for 2 people to sit under it comfortably, arriving Thursday.

Coosa Native & SevenSkyStones - Unique one-of-a-kind jewelry and orgonite. Find us on Facebook and Etsy.
Details: 26w x 21d, 10x20 booth with guide wires on sides. Back wall will be up with guide wires also, using electricity, arriving Wednesday or Thursday in the AM.

Calm Spirit Wellness - A mobile massage company based out of Mobile, AL. For more information, visit www.facebook.com/TessaGaleaLMT/.
Details: 10w x 10d, using electricity, arriving Wednesday.

Mini-Vend Venue (Ivee) - Want to vend but don't want to commit to the full fest? Yeah, me too. I will have a booth set up along with a sign-up sheet for 2, 4 or 6 hour blocks. Bring your wares or oracle or what ever you might want to "test out" and have your own Mini Vend. Sign-up sheet will be posted with name, items or service and time for all to see. Fest policies for vendors will be the same for Mini Vendors.
Details: 15w x 10d, no electricity, just setting a 6x3 table up in a vending area, arriving: not sure yet.

Whispering Gardens - Bath, body and more!
Details: 10w x 20d, using electricity, vending in front half of 10x20, camping in back half, arriving Wednesday morning.

KJ's Essence - Offering a simple breakfast menu, coffee, quick foods for lunch and dinner including burgers and BBQ sandwiches.
Details: 12w x 12d, using electricity, arriving as early as possible.

Problem Child Studio - Dahliah Devi/Shelby Diamond, 1426 Saugahatchee Road, Auburn, AL; (606) 483-9091, dahliahdevi@gmail.com.
Details: 10w x 10d, no electricity, arriving evenings all days.