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What is the Faerie Faith?
Info about the Faerie Faith, and links to other related groups
Studying the Faerie Faith
Releasing the Faerie Faith circle
Energies of the Lunar Trees
Dates for the Lunar Tree Calendar
About the Celtic Tree Calendar

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Articles on Samhain, May Day, etc.

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Other Cool Stuff:

Hoopniacs! Hooping - My new favorite obsession!

Linda's Natural Childbirth Page

Linda's Auburn/Opelika Page

Fort Toulouse/Fort Jackson

Church of the Spiral Tree - I helped started this back in 1997

Sacred Grove Academy - CST's cover school for pagan homeschooling families in Alabama, that I started in 1999

How to Incorporate

The Hazel Nut back issues on-line!

Pantheon, Auburn University's student pagan group

Cliff Landis's page

Nancy Passmore puts out a wonderful calendar, called "The Lunar Calendar: Dedicated to the Goddess in Her Many Guides." It follows the Beth-Luis-Nion Tree Calendar system, and has the moons arranged in a lovely spiral fashion, with info about each tree. It also has some great artwork and poetry from noted pagan contributors. This calendar is absolutely indispensable if you follow the B-L-N tree calendar system! Order yours today from Luna Press, P.O. Box 15511, Kenmore Station, Boston, MA, 02215-0009, 617-427-9846. $23.00 plus $6.00 shipping; call for quantity discounts.

Blue Roebuck - Dianic web page by Bendis

CGI-generated lunar calendar, based on the BLN and my own "What is the Celtic Tree Calendar?" article - by Jimi-Carlo Bukowski-Wills

Some of my favorite pages, with rants and other offensive stuff (warning - some of it is *rather* offensive!):

Mittens & Kittens - The first one is the "spicy brains" one!

People for the Unethical Treatment of Fireflies - a cool pagan comic strip

Oh My Gods! - another good pagan comic strip

Very Secret Diaries of Lord of the Rings - FUNNY! These should be read in order, starting with Aragorn, then Legolas, Boromir, get the idea. Continuity is a good thing.

Bastard Operator From Hell - great to read when you're really pissed off at someone

Downright Tacky - fashion no-nos

Institute of Official Cheer - satirical look at days gone by

Why Wiccans Suck

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