Natural Childbirth Handouts

Some of the handouts below are Adobe PDF files, and some are websites. If you notice that a link to a website is no longer working, please let me know!

Class 1 - Introduction
New Student Registration
Endorphins, Labor, Pain, and Bonding
Nutrition Worksheet

Class 2 - Nutrition
Composition of Human vs. Cow's Milk
Pregnant? And Want a Healthy Baby?
(Website) Pregnant? And Want a Healthy Baby? (Be sure to click on the numbers at the bottom of the page to see each page on the website!)
Gestational Diabetes: Testing
Diet for Diabetes Test
Infant Formula Increase Diabetes Risk (and related articles on diabetes and DHA supplements)
Why Bradley Classes Don't Teach "The Breathing"
Sex During Pregnancy
Nutrition Worksheet

Class 3 - Pregnancy
On the "Safety" & "Usefulness" of Prenatal Ultrasound
Questions to Ask Your Caregiver
Pros & Cons of Various Birth Attendants
Comparison Table: Women's Way of Birth vs. Obstetric Way of Birth
Get Your Baby Lined Up! Optimum Fetal Positioning
Nutrition Worksheet

Class 4 - The Coach's Role
Our Experiences at the Midwife Center
Father-to-Father on Breastfeeding
Childbirth is Not for Mothers Only
Relaxation Poem
Nutrition Worksheet

Class 5 - Introduction to First Stage Labor
Natural Alignment Plateau
Coaching Cues (print out double-sided, fold in thirds)
Nutrition Worksheet

Class 6 - Introduction to Second Stage Labor
Consumerism (chapter from Children at Birth)

Class 7 - Planning Your Birth
Your Childbirth Plan
Can I Really Expect to Have a Great Birth?
(Website) Can I Really Expect to Have a Great Birth?
What to Expect When You Go to the Hospital for a Natural Childbirth
Epidural Information
Vitamin K?
Administration of Vitamin K to Newborns
Active vs. Physiologic Management of Labor
Hints for a Good Birth Plan
Sample Birth Plan
Things to Ask so you Can Give Informed Consent
Newborn Circumcision - From the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
Joel Stein: Should I Opt for Circumcision?
Joel Stein: Should I Opt for Circumcision? (Website)
Every Mother's Right to Birth How She Chooses
The Rights of Childbearing Women

Class 8 - Variations & Unexpected Situations, PostPartum Preparation
Meconium (Website)
Premature Rupture of the Membranes (PROM)
Slow Labor (Failure to Progress)

Class 9 - Advanced First Stage Techniques
Coaching Challenges
Sneaky Way of Increasing Protein in Your Diet
Labor Coach Quick Reference Guide (print out double-sided, fold in thirds)

Class 10 - Advanced Second Stage Techniques
The Pain of Labour - A Feminist Issue
Birthing Positions
Using Birth Positions to Your Advantage
Managing Back Labor
Managing Back Labor (Website)

Class 11 - Being a Great Coach/Are You Ready?
Nutrition Worksheet

Class 12 - Preparing for Your New Family
Many Children are Eating Unhealthy Low-Fat Diets
10 Ways Every Adult Can Support a Breastfeeing Mother
Bradley Class Evaluation (fill out after last class)
Birth Record (fill out after your birth)

Homebirth Information
About Home Birth
Choosing to Stay Home