Moondance 2005 Ritual

Dragon Hills
by Mattie

Materials Needed:

Corn/ Straw doll
2 Buckets of water
2 Ladles
Black robes, at least 2
Bad smelling incense (sulfur)
7 flashlights
7 scripts
5 tiki torches
Black candles

4 qtrs / corndoll bearer
2 mourners/gate keepers

Moondance 2005 Ritual

Dragon Hills
by Mattie

(Have participants enter from east and west . As each participant enters have the gate keeper pour one ladle full of water over their hands or their head (Ask participant which they prefer and let them know it's a cleansing ceremony).)

(Once all have entered and are standing in the circle quarters are called:)

"In the name of the Lord of light, with your spark of life and fires that burn in us all, and in my own name, I claim this circle as a place of protection. Let all who enter here be bound by you to speak and hear the truth."

"In the Name of our Mother Earth, whose body gave us the gift of life, and in my own name; I claim this circle as a place of worship. Let all who enter here be bound to perfect love and perfect trust."

"In the name of the Lady of the lakes, oceans, rivers, springs, streams and ponds with your waters we are sustained and our thirsts are quenched. In your name and in mine I claim this circle as a place of Nature. May all who enter here see and respect the presence of Nature's children within this circle."

"In the name of our father air and wind the one who breathed life into us all, whose air flows through us and around us. In your name and mine I claim this circle as a place of awareness. May all who enter be opened to the presence of the Lord and Lady."

"The Circle is cast
We have stepped into a place
Where time does not exist,
Where the worlds come together,
A place where Birth delivers death
Where night runs into day
And where Joy and sorrow
Come together as one
In a time that is not a time
In a place that is not a place
On a day that is not a day
We stand at the threshold
Before the veil of mysteries
May the Ancient Ones help and protect us
On our magical journey."

"On this night in the month of May under the moon of Hawthorn we gather together and become one in this circle. During Hawthorne it is a time of cleansing. Hawthorn is the moon of purification, and the changing over of energies from the feminine to the masculine."

"The Slavic people have a tradition called the Kupalo festival; this is a celebration of the Kupalo, the god of summer and fertility, and his triumph over Marena, the goddess of cold, death, and winter. It is the time that Kupalo wakes from his slumber and shakes the trees releasing their seeds and fertilizing the earth. It is the time when old fires are put out and new ones are ignited. This is the time of the year when death is rejoiced and life is triumphant. A time to purify and cleanse and prepare for summer season. Tonight we shall have a Kupalo Ritual of our own."

(Mourners start tossing the corn dollie back and forth across Freddie)

"The yin energies are waning and the yang energies are waxing and reaching their peak. As one dies the other one finds strength. It is this balance that brings on the promise of continuation of the next stage of life."

(East comes up and the mourners hand over the corn doll. mourners take up casket)

"Just as the feminine energies pass over to the masculine, we shall cleanse and purge ourselves and release the things that are no longer useful or things that need to be let go before they become harmful and toxic to our growth."

"This doll is the effigy that represents this."

(HPS walks to doll bearer, takes a piece out of the corn doll, and yells out something that she no longer wants with her or that she needs to let go of and then drops that piece into the casket and the mourners let out a yell. Corn doll bearer then walks around with the doll and the mourners follow behind with the casket - this is to allow each participant to take a piece of the doll and place it into the casket as they yell out something they wish to purge from themselves. As this is done the mourners continue to wail and cry out mockingly. During this time the HPS is lighting the stinky incense. Once done with the circle and everyone has had a chance, what is left of the doll the doll bearer destroys and places into the casket and then drops it into Freddie.)

"As the flames burn brightly, they devour and cleanse, bringing the promise of change and bounty. Now is the time to let go and mourn for your losses."

(Everyone then yells out or cries or cheers. Once this is done HPS then goes to the bucket with the ladle and pours some water on the ground.)

"As a family we have gathered to share with the elements; earth, water, fire and air. From this circle of mystery we now depart, to live our lives in our mother's heart."

(Do Freddie, ring bell)

"It is done!"

"Go now, children of the earth, in peace and blessings. The rite is ended!"