Moondance 2003 Ritual

Dragon Hills
by Mattie
Rose Ritual

Materials Needed:

basket of rose petals
bag of seeds or grain

blowers for the altar

candles in bags outlining circle
3 candles on altar
candle holders
4 chalices of water on altar
jug of water

charcoal starter


High Priestess - Mattie
Maiden -
Mother - Christi
Crone -

Moondance 2003 Ritual

Dragon Hills
by Mattie
Rose Ritual

(Give each participant 1 rose petal as they enter the circle from the east and west and are greeted)

(After everyone has formed a circle:)

"Sacred Fire, the light that burns brightly in our souls, bringer of warmth to our hearths, flames of life and destruction, lend us your strength. Come and join us this night."

"Sacred Earth, Giver of life, mother of us, bless us with your presence, bring us your grace. Come and join us this night."

"Sacred Water, rushing rivers, water that moves mountains, oceans of deep, quencher of thirsts, we ask you to offer us introspection. Come and join us this night."

"Sacred Air, life we breathe, conjurer of storms, in the murmurs of your winds bring the knowledge to us of our ancestors. Come and join us this night."

"The Circle is cast
We have stepped into a place
Where time does not exist,
Where the worlds come together,
A place where Birth delivers death
Where night runs into day
And where Joy and sorrow
Come together as one
In a time that is not a time
In a place that is not a place
On a day that is not a day
We stand at the threshold
Before the veil of mysteries
May the Ancient Ones help and protect us
On our magical journey."

"I am fair among flowers.
Flora, Maia, Vesta, Aphrodite
Bloom, Fertility, Passion, Birth
Your charms sweep across the earth. Our mother Gaia smiles, as your dance stirs her into full bloom, welcoming in the harvest days to come."

"On this night in the month of may under the moon of the Hawthorn , We call on you to bring to us those things which started as a seed and which we planted within ourselves. Your watchful eyes and loving breasts nursed them till they blossomed and stood on their own. Within each of us there is a seed, that has been planted and tended may it bloom into what it is we wish and need it to become."

"The Rose with its thorns represents the beauty in each of us. It begins as a seed, rises above the ground, grows into a bud, and slowly it opens into a beautiful full bloom. Even as the bloom begins to wither and the luster begins to fade, the Rose's petals drop and begins to nourish the earth around the rose and feeds the next seed. We each have hopes and dreams and goals. These are seeds with in us all, looking to bloom, and to be harvested and to feed the goals that lay before them. We ourselves are the seeds of our parents and the ones before them, as they dropped their petals, we began to bud. As the next generation after us will do. In the beauty of the maiden mother and crone, we gain hope, bounty, and fulfillment."

(The Maiden, Mother, and Crone are standing in front of altar and starting with Maiden they step forward and say:)

"I am the land that looks on forever. I represent hopes and dreams and that which can be."

"I am the meadow that flowers thrive in. I represent Bounty and Growth."

"I am the land that has been harvested. I represent fulfillment and the end that opens to the beginning."

"Take this gift that you have been given, take the petal, infuse into it the hopes and desires you want to have blossom and come to full bloom, to reap them during this year's coming harvest."

"You will be tapped to come forward. At that time walk to the center and offer your petal to the fire, for without the spark of life, nothing will grow."

Begin chant:
Flora Fauna
Seed Sow
Flora Fauna
Feed Grow

(North and South begin with the person on their left and begin to tap the shoulders of participants, sending them two at a time on opposite ends up to the center. As the participants reach the center and begin to go back to the circle the N. and S. then tap another participant.)

(As the participants come up with their petal to throw into the fire they will be directed to the bag of seeds and told to make their offering to the maiden mother and crone, by taking a handful of seeds and dropping the seeds at their feet.)

(Once everyone has brought up their petal and made their offering)

"But we cannot let this be our only effort. We must each take the steps that are needed and tend our seeds. We must help it grow."

(Water sharing-have 4 chalices of water, swirled after circle is cast and swirled again after healing energies used. Quarters will come in and get chalices, pass clockwise from their quarter to the next, while Priest reads:)

"Water is the lifeblood of the earth. And the Moon and Sun play the water of the earth as the heart courses the blood in our own veins. The earth's rivers and streams are her arteries and veins; her seas and oceans the womb from which new creation is made. The clouds and rain are the breath of the earth, which brings refreshed and renewed life."

"We of the Faerie Faith share of water to celebrate our unity with the living earth."

"Share of my water and know that as the rain it is the bringer of life.

Share of my water, and know that as the oceans and seas it is the womb of life.

Share of my water, and know that as the clouds it is the seeker, the traveler with a mission.

I share of the water, and may all know that as the streams and rivers, it is the shapechanger, the destroyer of old, and at the same time, through change, the creatrix of new.

Knowing well that water is the essence of life, we have shared and become one, and now as one, we offer our lives to She who is the Mother of all life, in service and in love."

(HPS pours some water on the ground.)

"As a family we have gathered to share with the elements; earth, water, fire and air. From this circle of mystery we now depart To live our lives in our mother's heart."

(Do Freddie, ring bell)

"It is done!"