Moondance 2001 Ritual

Dragon Hills
by Cliff, Skippy, and Linda

Materials Needed:


Eight Light thingies in the quarters and cross quarters
Two light thingies on each side of the altar
Concrete Bricks

candles - 20
white bags
In center: Linda

Person on log: Killa

4 quarters -
North: Annie

Moondance 2001 Ritual

Dragon Hills
by Cliff, Skippy, and Linda

(As people come into circle, there is a person standing on a plank, which is balanced on a round log)


The circle is cast,
We are between the worlds,
Beyond the bounds of time,
Where night and day,
Birth and death,
Joy and sorrow,
Meet as one.
In a time that is not a time,
In a place that is not a place,
On a day that is not a day,
We stand at the threshold,
Between the worlds,
Before the veil of mysteries.
May the Ancient Ones help and protect us
On our magical journey.


Listen well to the invocations we give tonight-for within them lies the Lesson of Balance.

The Calling of the Elements:

(Everyone read the invocations SLOW and LOUD....this is part of the Lesson)


Power of North, of Air
Energy of Spirituality and Fun
Welcome to our Circle
Help us learn the lesson of Balance.


Power of East, of Fire
Energies of Solitude and Intellect
Welcome to our Circle
Help us learn the lesson of Balance.


Power of South, of Earth
Energies of this World and of Responsibility
Welcome to our Circle
Help us learn the lesson of Balance.


Power of West, of Water
Energies of Community and of Emotion
Welcome to our Circle
Help us learn the lesson of Balance.


Goddesses and Gods,
Lords and Ladies,
Welcome to our Circle,
Aid us in this ritual drama
Give us your power to teach and to learn
Help us to know the Lesson of Balance.


As each of us moves along the path, each in our own way, we face more issues than merely which books are best to read, or which is the best group to study with. We question the direction of our path, and we measure our progress. Have we honored the Goddess and God this year? Have we lived in accordance with our convictions? Have we reached that much sought-after goal, balance?

Balance speaks of more than simply balance between male and female, between light and dark energies. Balance must be found both inside ourselves and in how we live in and relate to the mundane world, for this is where we exist, each and every day. Many of us, at some point, find ourselves in conflict. How can we be pagans in a secular world? How can we be spiritual and seek enlightenment, when we have to go to work each day?

We live in a technology-driven world in which the concept of community is rapidly disappearing. Many people have lost their ability to relate to the spiritual side of life. In many cultures and religions, ritual and ceremony strengthen community and help people find or recover the balance in their lives. Listen, and see if any of this sounds familiar, as we explore the lesson of balance...

(North interrupts the HPS on the word "balance" at the end of her speech)


Balance? BALANCE? How dare you speak of balance? I want to have things my way! Mine is the Divine path, the path to Spiritual Enlightenment! Mine is the way of Spirituality! Buddhas and Krishnas have all come to me to learn the Paths to the Gods. Each person here walks their own way on the path of Spirituality! Each person here feasts on what I have to offer! Enlightenment!

(While speaking, each Quarter slowly comes about 1/4 of the way to the center of the circle)

(Person on plank/log runs back and forth along plank with each speech, poinking end on ground)


You speak of feasting? How dare you! Mine is the only way to feast! The way of this world. Work and labor are the paths to feasting! Only by having your feet planted on the ground do you ever hope to earn a living to even come to festivals such as these! Everyone here must go home to a job-to labor that is the mainstay of your lives. To my path-the path of material reward!


Silence you two! Mine is the path to follow! The way of Solitude. For every person here knows that there is always a time when we must be alone! For when we are alone we can reach a state of centeredness. We can be still and quiet and know the truth within. For it is only on my path-the path of solitude-on which these great lessons can be learned.


You, who speak of solitude! How dare you question us here tonight? For all of us here have gathered together on my path-the path of community-to enjoy the experience of oneness that is only found when we are together. When we gather together with one goal, whether it be reverence in ritual, or revelry around the bonfire, we do so with the power of many. This is the path that brings us here--the path of community.

(Each Quarter slowly comes another few feet toward the center with each speech)


Listen to you argue! What have we really gathered for? FUN! Yes, we all gathered here on my path--the path of Fun! For five days we have no cares! As long as we harm no one, we can do whatever we want! Dancing around the bonfire, talking to friends, enjoying the party of life! This is the path to follow! The path of fun!


There you go again! Once again ignoring the responsibility that we are all bound by! We are able to come here because we work our jobs, care for our children, and put gas in our cars--we take care of our responsibilities! This is the path that made it possible for us to be here. And even in this circle, we gather with responsibility to our Gods--a responsibility to learn, and to grow, and to find balance for ourselves and our world.


Listen to that sappy mess! You're all being over-emotional! It is our minds that make us able to be here. We go to wonderful classes, meet new people, learn about new paths, new ways of doing things! Our minds are constantly taking in new information at festival! Even here in this circle, we are learning the lesson of balance. On my path, the path of the Intellect!


Intellect my foot! The lesson of balance is not one to be grasped by your mind, but by your heart! It is on my path--the path of Emotion, that we learn the lessons of our traditions. Only our heart can grasp the deeper meanings behind the mysteries we encounter. To experience life, to feel our intuitions and our inner truth. This is the reason that we have gathered at this festival, and in this circle. To travel on my path--the path of emotion!

(Each Quarter slowly comes another few feet toward the center with each speech, winding up about 5 feet from the center. The Person balancing is walking frantically *but carefully* to each end quickly.)


South, You're nothing but a boring old fool!


Well, North, you've just got your head in the clouds!


West, you're too damn wishy-washy!


And you, East, are too damn stuck-up!


Now children. You're each seeing just one side of the matter. Stop for just a minute and listen to what you're saying.

Spirituality and mundane issues, fun and responsibility, intellect and emotion, solitude and community. These are all good things, but it's not healthy to concentrate on just one aspect.

Balance does not mean suppressing one side in favor of another. Balance means finding the happy medium - realizing that you can do both, but you can't do it all. A balanced person does not join a monastary and sequester himself from the rest of the world. A balanced person does not become a workaholic and stifle her spiritual side. A balanced person does not run away from responsibility, but neither does he take everything so seriously and become so inflexible that his mind stays closed to new possibilities. Sometimes balance simply means maturity - if you don't have it now, keep working on it, and it will happen.

Life is sometimes a balancing act, on a very uneven surface. We need support, to keep us from over-reaching, from falling into the abyss, or at least to help pull us out of it once we've reached bottom. Each of these qualities, and more...

(North and South come together, and put a rock under one side of the plank) us as we move along the path.

(East and West come together, and put a rock under the other side of the plank)

The path is never an easy one, but as long as the path has heart, we can know with certainty that it is the proper one.

Guided Meditation:

Now sit down, comfortably, on the ground.

Visualize yourself in a field, either standing or sitting. Picture a shaft of white light beaming down on you.

Let the light enter your body, and move down your spinal cord , all the way to your feet.

Let the light continue to the center of the earth, and join with another light there.

When the light from the sky has reached the light at the center of the earth, bring the earth energy up the same path back to your body.

Feel the light fill your feet, then your legs, then your body, then your arms and head, until your whole body is filled with the radiant light.

Feel yourself become as radiant as the light. Feel yourself be filled with love and peace, which comes from the light.

When your body is full of light, imagine the light shooting out of the top of your head and flowing down over the outside of your body like a fountain.

When the energy reaches your feet, bring it up through your feet, legs, and spine up through the top of your head again, creating a circuit.

After about a few circuits, the energy, the light, becomes a great tree. Feel yourself being connected to earth and sky in a state of equilibrium. Your roots and your branches intertwine with those of others beside you in this circle, and at this festival, and in this physical world, and in the spiritual world.

Now, slowly, breathe deeply, and open your eyes, and reach out your hands to the person next to you. Help each other as you stand up. Hugs are optional at this point.

Do Freddy...

Now, knowing better the lesson of balance, let us go forth! To the drum circle!